Tokenometry sets you up with the technical
infrastructure so you can focus on business and
marketing of your ICO project.

ICO projects are great crowdfunding tool but technical infrastructure could be complex, overwhelming and expensive.

Tokenometry takes care of all of these problems by providing you with a coin and token sale
backend in a few easy steps:
Setup your coin
  • We create a coin for you from scratch.
  • We will collect a few details from you, build your coin and
    deploy it to the Ethereum blockchain.
  • We will also create a wallet for your coins and Ether.
Setup you campaign
Give us a few details about your project and marketing
  • Project details
  • Coin price
  • Campaign goal: how many coins do you intend to sell
  • Where to transfer proceed from sales

We will generate token sales page for your campaign.

You can either provide user with the link to this page, embed it
on your web site or use our simple API to provide custom user